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Carroll Fischer-Klinger has been a Pocatello native now for 28 years and is proud to call it Idahome. People and fitness are two of Carroll’s passions and when “Mind, Body, and Life Come Together As One”, that is where you will find her. A Certified Teacher Trainer, Carroll has been instructing and motivating people positively for 34 years. She has a holistic and authentic style of connecting and helping those who are open for growth. "As a yoga instructor, personal trainer and mother, I find that compassion and listening to people's needs helps me find success in accomplishing your goals and finding your true self."

Evolution.  Sometimes we find our dharma earlier and sometimes we grow into it later.  That's the story of Sally Beitia, who came to the Studio in 2008 after meeting Carroll for five minutes.  It was definitely a chance meeting.  Sally certified for yoga teaching first in 2017 and again in 2018.  She has been inspired by the practice of yoga and the Studio to follow her passion; and 

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